THE TOP 3 BEST FILIPINO DATING SITE gives you the ability to choose any kind of Gender you want to meet, Even Gays and Lesbians can choose an option. It also allows users to interact with their targetted country including a Secure telephone or Video call without submitting any personal details, There are also interactive games in the website. Filipina girls here are all beautiful, The Website including the Android and Ios App themselves are Scam free. and its really optimized and fast making it my most favorite and the Best Filipino Dating site ever. takes the number 1 spot of all the filipino dating sites.

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Filipino Cupid is 2nd to the best filipino dating site in the philippines and internationally. It has over 3 million members. Even though it has clean website design, including many members, the app itself is not that optimized and perfect. The Improvements for are still advisable for innovation to make it the best filipino dating site. Nevertheless, its still the 2nd best Filipino dating site. offers some really good features, reserved for premium members only. I noticed after opening up, I got tremendous amount of spam messages. Although, there are quite a lot of real people sincerely wanting to connect with you through their Site. 

Be that as it may, It doesn’t offer features like Targetted location, or Choosing more gender options like (Gay or Lesbian) and The filipino / Filipina girls are combined with Asian Singles. So if you are looking for really Pure Filipina girls, then I suggest you try the abovementioned sites. But if you are Asian and want to meet some friends or Love on the Internet, then Asian Dating ( )is one of the best you could possible try.

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Andrew Cras is a international blogger, Foreign Investor and travels a lot. He is well known for his books Filipino Dating, and Asian Dating Game. He is one of the best speakers about love and motivation, teaching filipino students to become the best possible they could be in the Philippine dating world.


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